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【APEX】キャラコン初心者だけど頑張ってみたい所存【夜絆ニウ / NeoPorte (ネオポルテ) 】

【Q. 感度は?】
DPI:2000 / ゲーム内:0.8
【Q. キーバインドどうなってるの?】
移動キー:esdf / アビリティ:w / ウルト:x / ジャンプ:ホイール上、b / しゃがみ:スペース








◆FA:# よづにゃーと
◆R指定:# センシニウ
◆質問:# ニウに聞きたい
◆雑多:# ニウ見ろ
◆ファンネーム:# よづなかま


============ EN ============

【Q. Sensitivity?】
DPI:2000 / in game:0.8
【Q. What key bindings are set?】
move:esdf / ability:w / ult:x / jump:mouse wheel up, b / crouch:space
【Q. What is your the highest rank?】


I’m Yozuna Niu, one of the first generation members of Neo-Porte!
Twitter : https://twitter.com/niu_yozuna

*I’m not good with English but I’ll do my best to learn, so English comments are welcome !


《Stream Rules》
◆Do not make comments that may offend others! (slander, abuse, advertising, trolling, etc…)
◆Don’t comment on the names of activists who are not associated with the stream!
◆Do not post the same comment repeatedly! (In the worst case, it will be considered trolling.)
◆Please moderate your comments to each other!
◆If someone doesn’t follow the streaming rules, don’t worry about it! (We will deal with it as much as we can)
◆Please be friendly and respectful in your comments!

《About Super chat》
◆I will thank you for the super chat, either at the end of the stream or in a separate slot!
◆Please note that sometimes I can respond when I receive a superchat, and sometimes I can’t…!

《About Membership》
◆I’m thinking of member-only distribution of ASMR, singing, chatting, drawing, etc! I may say what I usually can’t say…?
◆You can watch live-action ASMR, song slots, and TwitCasting archives!
◆You can download members-only PNGs!
◆You can use our original stamps!
◆Enlist URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZmUoMwjyuQ59sk5_7Tx07A/join

《Niu’s SNS》
◆Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/niu_yozuna
◆Twitter : https://twitter.com/niu_yozuna
◆TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@niu_yozuna?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc

◆General : # 夜絆ニウ
◆Stream : # ニウなう
◆FA : # よづにゃーと
◆R-rated : # センシニウ
◆Question : # ニウに聞きたい
◆Miscellaneous : # ニウ見ろ
◆Fan name : yozunakama
◆Fan mark : 🐁

《NeoPorte official》
◆Twitter : https://twitter.com/NeoPorte_info
◆Site: https ://neo-porte.jp/
◆E-mail : info@neo-porte.jp


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