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[HIGH ENERGY HEROES] S4 Solo Queue [No Mic] (Apex Mobile 2.0)

#highenergyheroes #hyperlegends #apexlegendsmobile

Device: Poco F3 (Snapdragon 870)

FB | https://www.facebook.com/kuro.sabato
TWITCH | https://www.twitch.tv/Nightow696

High Energy Heroes/Hyper Legends is an Battle Royale TPS/FPS developed by Tencent in which you can travel to a futuristic universe filled with all kinds of adventures. As you lead brave characters through each setting, try to shoot all your opponents while improving your characters’ skills in order to strengthen your power.

High Energy Heroes includes stunning 3D visuals. Each setting and character has their own unique and detailed characteristics. To move your Hero through any area of the map, use the directional joystick, and to shoot or use objects, simply tap the action buttons.

Many features of High Energy Heroes are highly reminiscent of the gameplay of Apex Legends. Both the controls and the visual design will remind you of thrilling battles between characters equipped with futuristic armor and weapons.

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